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House passes bill to increase fines for farmers illegally applying herbicides

Deck: After 40,000 acres of crops damaged by herbicides, state Rep. Don Rone proposed House Bill 662, which would fine farmers $1,000 per acre for using herbicides that possess dicamba.

The season of fish fries is upon us

Deck: Nearly every Friday until Easter the Knights of Columbus will host fish fries throughout Columbia to raise money for a variety of charitable activities. The first event will be held Friday.

Columbia's most notable properties will be announced Tuesday

Deck: The 10 nominations include Bunny and John Baxter's 100-year-old house as well as former mayor Darwin Hindman's family home.

MU has money to cover budget gap with university reserves

Deck: Reserve funds are pockets of money set aside by various MU divisions or schools for future projects. such as purchasing new equipment or software.

Bull Pen Cafe building will face the wrecking ball

Deck: Owner Marty Riback says the building has become a hazard since the restaurant closed years ago.